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December 23, 2016
Update Notes

Characters: Human

A Pre-Alpha Preview of the Human(male)
December 22, 2016
Pre-Alpha Ogre Male
Update Notes

Characters: Ogre

A Pre-Alpha preview of the Ogre (male) Pre-Alpha
May 28, 2016
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We welcome Wesley Devore as our Audio Director!Alot of behind the scenes work going on recently, in preparation forsome major features updates on the site, as well as advancing our PR.Coming soon:In game footage of each type of combat situation Destructible…

PreAlpha Character Customization Preview

May 18, 2016 Update Notes
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Greetings folks, The dynamic characters are being worked on and looking awesome! We'll…

About Us

May 12, 2016 About Us
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About Nova Questworks! We began development of Anvil of Honor in January of 2013. The…

Game Basics

Apr 29, 2016 Game Basics
4 30 16 fort with village icon
An Introduction to Anvil Of Honor A call to arms! Demons have spread across the land and…

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